how to make aluminum jewelry

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  • How do I start making jewelry at home?

  • The first step in making jewelry at home is deciding the project you would like to make. There are many possibilities when it comes to jewelry making, from casting precious metals to fusing glass pendants.

  • Where can I buy aluminum jewelry?

  • The specially crafted aluminum jewelery is offered primarily on artisan markets and in the shop by DaWanda and presented to a wide audience online. Through their Facebook page, the Gutzkis also have only positive resonances to their aluminum jewelery pieces.

  • How is metal clay jewelry made?

  • Metal clay jewelry is made from a special type of clay that becomes solid after it is fired in a kiln. The clay is easy to shape by hand or using tools before firing in the kiln. You can make metal clay beads, pendants, solid rings, and more. You can make jewelry at home with a few basic tools and materials.

  • How do you make a jump ring out of metal?

  • To make jump rings, wrap the wire around a pencil, then cut one coil at a time with wire cutters. Using two pairs of pliers, one on each side, turn one toward your body and the other away causing the jump ring to open. Close the jump ring using the same technique. Working with metal takes patience and practice, but the results are worth the work.

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