how to make a lightbox for photographing jewelry

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The Basic Setup for MakingJewelryLightbox1) Find some cardboard or foam core board at your local craft store 2) Cut it into any shape you want (rectangle or square shapes work best) 3) Tape up all four sides of one side with clear packing tape

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  • Do you need a photo light box for jewelry photography?

  • But if you are going to provide services for photographing jewelry, then you need a professional photo light box for jewelry photography. Choose a good and convenient product photo light box that you can take anywhere without worrying about lighting adjustment and wasting much time on setting up. 1.

  • How much does it cost to make a jewelry light box?

  • Having $10 in your pocket, you can make a homemade jewellery light tent, having added $30-50, you will have a jewelry light box with built-in lighting, and having $100, you will have a professional light box for jewelry photography. What Is the Best Lightbox for Jewelry Photography?

  • What is AmazonBasics jewelry photography light box?

  • Since in 2014 Amazon received a patent for photographing products using a white background, they produced their own jewelry photography light box to satisfy the seller鈥檚 needs. AmazonBasics is the best portable photo studio kit for jewelry and product photography in the world.

  • How do you make a lightbox with paper?

  • Use the paper to cover over the holes you have created, and tape the paper to the box. Now tape the larger piece of paper to the back of the box, and allow it to curve down to the floor of the box. Your lightbox is now ready to use, just use your light sources to shine through the paper panels on the side of the box.

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