how to donate jewelry to goodwill

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  • How do I donate items to Goodwill?

  • Whatever the reason, you’ve done the hard part 鈥?donating your items to Goodwill is easy. Simply load up your donations and head to a Goodwill Store Donation Center in the Southeastern Wisconsin Metropolitan Chicago territory. When you arrive you will see signs directing you to where you will drop off your items.

  • Where to donate costume jewelry?

  • The first place I donate jewelry is to Goodwill. Over the many years, I organized and downsized clients and family members, Goodwill has been my 鈥済o to鈥?place to donate jewelry. I found a non-profit online that accepts costume jewelry called: I Have Wings Breast Cancer Foundation. You can mail the costume jewelry to them.

  • Is goodwill open for donations on weekends?

  • We are open for donations with day, evening and weekend hours to make it convenient. Donating to Goodwill gives you the satisfaction of knowing that when you’re finished cleaning and sorting, it’s just one quick trip to your neighborhood Goodwill Store Donation Center to be done!

  • How many people donate to Goodwill each year?

  • More than 101 million people in the U.S. and Canada donate to Goodwill, knowing their clothing and household goods will be put to good use. When you drop off your donations at Goodwill, you鈥檒l receive a receipt from a donation attendant.

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