how to chainmail jewelry

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  • How to wear a chainmail ring?

  • To open and close the rings, always twist the ends of the ring away from each other. If you pull them straight away from each other, your ring won鈥檛 be round anymore. This is the first chain in your chainmail. Arrange the 5 rings in an alternating pattern. Keep the top ring on top and spread out the 4 rings around it with 2 under and 2 over.

  • How do you make Chainmail?

  • This article has been viewed 727,157 times. To make chainmail, start by making small metal rings by wrapping wire around a metal rod, and snipping off circles with a wire cutter. Then, thread 4 rings onto a red ring before closing all the rings with pliers.

  • What is chainmail/chainmaille?

  • Chainmail (aka: chainmaille, chain mail, chain maille, maille or mail) is made up of a pattern (called a weave) of interlocking rings.

  • What is the best pattern to make a chain mail bracelet?

  • For the beginner chain mail enthusiast, this is an ideal project for producing an elegant bracelet. The project level is easy and it uses the most basic pattern, European 4 in 1. After making your first chain mail bracelet, you’ll gain the confidence to make more advanced chain mail objects.

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