how much does it cost to clean jewelry

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$25 to $50

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  • How often should I Clean my jewellery?

  • Most jewellery can be cleaned at home but sometimes, a delicate item might require specialist cleaning to avoid damage. To help keep your jewellery in excellent condition, we recommend that you schedule a cleaning at your local Goldsmiths showroom every year.

  • How much does it cost to clean a wedding ring?

  • For those who want to clean the ring themselves, ultrasonic cleaning machines can often cost $20 to $150. For instance, the popular Sonic Wave Ultrasonic Cleaner retails for $30+. This cleaner uses ultrasonic energy that can help clean the dirt and dust away without harming the ring.

  • How do I clean my jewelry?

  • For jewelry that is more fragile that you don’t wear every day, avoid using liquids often. Sometimes all the ring might need is a quick and gentle wipe down with a polishing cloth and a soft, damp toothbrush. There are many ways you can clean your fine jewelry at home.

  • Does Tiffany do free jewelry cleaning?

  • Does Tiffany offer free jewelry cleaning services? Tiffany offer鈥檚 complimentary on-site cleanings for any Tiffany Co. products by appointment. Appointments can be booked online and up to five items can be submitted per appointment.

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