how is stolen jewelry tracked

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  • How do I report stolen or recovered jewelry?

  • Law enforcement personnel can submit for listing any recovered or stolen merchandise. Jewelers or members of the public can submit to us a list of stolen jewelry as long as they have filed a police report, and inform JSA of the agency with which the report was filed, including the date and the incident number.

  • What is the Jewelers’Security Alliance stolen jewelry website?

  • The Stolen Jewelry Website of the Jewelers’ Security Alliance provides a central clearinghouse for the jewelry industry, law enforcement, insurance personnel and the public to share information on jewelry that has been stolen or recovered in the United States. ELIGIBILITY

  • What to do with stolen jewelry on social media?

  • If you have some stolen piece of jewelry, you can make an internet fingerprint of your stolen jewelry and then share the information on Social Media. Stolen 911 is a public use. It is free to use. People can create a database for yourself.

  • What to do if your engagement ring is stolen?

  • That鈥檚 one 鈥渟olution鈥? but there are things you can try to get your precious ring back. Report The Theft 鈥?Above all else, report the theft to the police, even before you do anything else.

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