how does moonglow jewelry work

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  • What is Moonglow jewelry?

  • Moonglow is jewelry that features the picture of the moon from the date of your choice. Pick any date you want to commemorate – the birth of a child, an anniversary, a graduation – and find the exact moon phase through our moon phase calculator.

  • Why choose Moonglow charms?

  • With Moonglow, every moment has a moon. THE GLOW OF THE MOON Like the moon itself, our awe-inspiring lunar phase charms catch the rays of the sun by day to glow in the dark鈥攃reating an inviting turquoise glow that will surely be a conversation starter!

  • Does Moonglow jewelry tarnish?

  • Moonglow Jewelry is made of high quality materials to prevent tarnishing over time. However, like anything else, it will experience a natural life cycle as well as normal wear tear.

  • Does Moonglow glow in the dark?

  • As an added bonus, your moon will gently glow in the dark, reminding you of that special moment. Does Moonglow actually glow in the dark? All of our collection is designed to absorb any light in order to charge it. In darker environments, your moonglow jewelry will glow gently, mimicking the moon in the sky.

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