does tiffany make custom jewelry

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  • Does Tiffany&Co authenticate their jewelry?

  • For the most part, Tiffany Co. Jewelry is manufactured in the United States. They will take advantage of other locations, if the craftsmen are present. Tiffany Co. does not authenticate their jewelry, but there are ways to be sure what you are purchasing is real.

  • Where are Tiffany鈥檚 jewelry made?

  • Bloomberg reported in 2011 that Tiffany鈥檚 manufacturing facilities produce approximately 60% of their product, while the rest comes from third parties. Most of their manufacturing facilities are located in the United States. The facility in Cumberland, Rhode Island, handles jewelry manufacturing, silver hollowware as well as polishing.

  • How do you personalize a Tiffany blue engagement ring?

  • Engrave your engagement ring or wedding band with initials, a short sentiment or a memorable date for an extra-special touch. You can also personalize your Tiffany Blue ring box with an embossed monogram, a celebratory message or an important date in silver, gold or blind embossing.

  • Is Tiffany jewelry double-verified?

  • Every piece of Tiffany Co. jewelry we receive at The RealReal is double-verified. The RealReal uses X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) to verify the elements and their quantities that compose the metal without damaging the item.鈥?Similarly high standards apply to the diamonds used in the house鈥檚 jewelry.

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