does tiffany make custom jewelry

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  • Does Tiffany&Co authenticate their jewelry?

  • For the most part, Tiffany Co. Jewelry is manufactured in the United States. They will take advantage of other locations, if the craftsmen are present. Tiffany Co. does not authenticate their jewelry, but there are ways to be sure what you are purchasing is real.

  • Is Tiffany jewelry made in the USA?

  • Tiffany Co. jewelry is specially made in countries all over the world including Spain, Italy, France, Japan and the U.S., and for the house鈥檚 iconic pieces, only the highest level of craftsmanship will do. 鈥淕emstones and diamonds selected for Tiffany jewelry will be well-matched and of very fine quality,鈥?says Rodrigo.

  • What is the purity of a Tiffany T ring?

  • On pieces like this Tiffany T ring, the hallmark will indicate metal purity. AU750 reveals that this ring is 18K gold. As one would expect from an iconic luxury brand, Tiffany Co. has rigorous standards for the incredibly high quality materials used to craft their jewelry pieces.

  • How do you personalize a Tiffany blue engagement ring?

  • Engrave your engagement ring or wedding band with initials, a short sentiment or a memorable date for an extra-special touch. You can also personalize your Tiffany Blue ring box with an embossed monogram, a celebratory message or an important date in silver, gold or blind embossing.

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