does shane company buy back jewelry

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  • How do I sell my jewelry at Shane Co?

  • Bring your jewelry to any Shane Co. store. While you watch, our non-commissioned jewelers will sort your items by metal type and determine their precious metal content by using industry-standard equipment. 2. We’ll present you with an offer. We pay the same rates regardless of how much or how little you wish to sell. 3.

  • Why choose Shane Co?

  • We’re a fourth-generation, family-owned jeweler committed to offering fine jewelry of the highest quality, from diamonds and engagement rings to gifts for any occasion. We value our relationship with you, and that鈥檚 why our customers come first. More than just a jewelry store, Shane Co. is your friend in the jewelry business.

  • Are Shane Co diamonds overpriced?

  • There is no delicate way to put it; Shane Co diamonds are overpriced. Whether buying online, or in one of their stores you are likely to pay a huge premium for an average to low quality diamond. I made several comparisons with James Allen, and each time the Shane Co diamond came out at least $200 more expensive.

  • Who is the owner of Shane Company?

  • Shane Company is a well known family jeweler that has been operating for over forty years. The family run jewelry store first opened in the 1920s. Shane Company has since expanded with 20 stores currently providing services in 13 states. The founder, Tom Shane, is well known for his radio ads. One of those ads caught my ear years ago.

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