does paparazzi jewelry tarnish

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Paparazzi Accessories is a popular network marketing company that sells cheap,trendy jewelry via the direct sales model. There are entire stores in the mall dedicated to cheap necklaces and earrings thatbreak or tarnish after five wears(hint: Forever 21) because,honestly,cheap fashion is what the people want.

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  • Where can you buy cheap paparazzi jewelry?

  • Paparazzi Jewelry, found online at, says their goal is to make sure that trendy, stylish accessories are available and affordable to women everywhere.

  • What is aka Poparazzi jewelry MLM?

  • Paparazzi Jewelry MLM Review (2022 Update): 5 Things You Should Know First鈥?and #3 Says It All! What Is Paparazzi Jewelry (aKA, Poparazzi Jewelry)? Paparazzi Jewelry is another one of those making money online programs that is centered around selling a membership that supposedly makes you money by selling other people鈥檚 products.

  • Is paparazzi accessories a pyramid scheme?

  • Paparazzi Jewelry recently changed its name to Paparazzi Accessories because they added a line of hair accessories. It was started by Misty Kirby and Chana Reeve in 2008 selling jewelry. Both handmade their own jewelry that they sold at events. Some people call this a pyramid scheme, but it鈥檚 not鈥︹€?.It鈥檚 an MLM.

  • Does paparazzi latex jewelry fade over time?

  • While Paparazzi makes a disclaimer on their website to steer clear of latex products for those sensitive to it, there is no disclaimer that the metals will fade over time. Still, being fashion jewelry and at the price of $5, this is something that should be expected.

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