does helzberg trade in jewelry

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  • What kind of rings does Helzberg Diamonds sell?

  • From the traditional round solitaire ring designs to the more sophisticated shapes such as the emerald or pear, there鈥檚 a massive selection available. And even though their brand name may suggest otherwise, it doesn鈥檛 mean Helzberg Diamonds only carry diamonds!

  • How can I trade in my Helzberg Diamonds?

  • Trade in the Helzberg Diamonds jewelry you no longer wear and upgrade to a new piece. Work with a designer to update a family heirloom or design an engagement ring. Get a detailed appraisal from an independent, certified jewelry appraiser.

  • What is Helzberg Diamonds’ return policy?

  • If your jewelry becomes damaged as a result of a manufacturer defect, Helzberg Diamonds will repair or replace the item without charge. Guarantee excludes normal wear and tear and all damage caused by abuse. If there is not a Helzberg Diamonds store located near you just call 1-800-435-9237 for return instructions. More about shipping and returns

  • What is a Helzberg Diamond masterpiece?

  • The Helzberg Diamond Masterpiece series is the company鈥檚 line of 鈥渟uper ideal鈥?cut diamonds which have accompanying AGS certificates. Personally speaking, I love AGS graded diamonds because the laboratory employs scientific techniques to grade a diamond鈥檚 cut quality and light performance. Naturally, this piqued my interest.

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