does gold filled jewelry turn your skin green

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  • Does mixing gold with other metals make your skin turn green?

  • You will have to mix it with other metals to make it manageable. Now depending on the metals, you add to the gold, it could be a 14k or 10K real gold. It may or may not cause your skin to turn green. The reason is that they contain some form of copper in the mix, and thus, the copper reacts with the oxygen to form the green color.

  • Does jewelry tarnish or turn your skin green?

  • You can have very cheap metal that doesn鈥檛 cause tarnishing or skin discoloration. This one is made using stainless steel. You can rest assured that it will never create a skin color change. No one wants their skin to turn green from wearing different jewels even though it isn鈥檛 harmful.

  • How do you stop your nails from turning green when wearing jewelry?

  • Use the clear nail polish. If you are sure the type you have contains the elements that will cause the green color; you can apply the clear nail polish. In essence, that will create a barrier between your skin and the jewel; thus, no skin turns. Can you avoid the copper jewel? Copper is the number one culprit that causes the color change.

  • Why does my jewelry change color?

  • Even gold and sterling silver items have been known to change color, since they鈥檙e rarely made from pure gold or pure silver. The catalyst of the reactions can be any number of things on your skin, from soap or lotion to plain old sweat.

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