does alloy jewelry tarnish

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  • Does zinc alloy jewelry tarnish?

  • You may not want to hear this, but yes, zinc alloy jewelry will tarnish over time. Even if the material you bought is free of nickel or lead, the metal used for your zinc alloy jewelry will tarnish and discolor, just like other metal properties.

  • Do alloys tarnish?

  • The resulting alloy is one that does not tarnish. That is typically the case with alloyed metals, particularly gold and silver. When used in their pure form, what you can expect is for the metal to bend and scratch easily and tarnish due to exposure to other elements. Alloys are, therefore, useful metals for jewelry.

  • How long does it take for jewelry to tarnish?

  • Therefore, depending on the conditions your jewelry is exposed to, tarnishing will either take place super-fast, or it could take months before you notice the changes. Tarnishing of a zinc alloy could be the result of the reaction between nonmetallic compounds in the alloy鈥檚 surroundings.

  • Why does zinc alloy jewelry change color?

  • So, zinc alloys do, eventually, change color because of oxidation. Besides oxidation, scratching and denting can also cause tarnishing on zinc alloy jewelry. These scratches and dents allow moisture in, which reacts with the metals. This reaction causes the jewelry to change its color into black, brown, blue, or even green.

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