do you have to remove jewelry for tsa

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Does not need to be removed

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  • Do you have to take off jewelry at airport security?

  • Do You Have to Take off Jewelry at Airport Security? When going through the screening machine, you do not need to remove jewelry. Rings, necklaces, earrings, and other types of jewelry are okay to keep on unless they contain too much metal.

  • What do you have to remove at TSA airport security?

  • At TSA airport security, you have to remove your hat, outer layer, coins, bulky jewelry and watches, a belt with a metal buckle, and, at times, other objects. They may even ask you to remove your shoes and headphones. We all agree that the airport security line is a strange and unpleasant place even when flying domestically.

  • Can you take your ring off when going through TSA screening?

  • The TSA replied that 鈥渨edding rings are allowed to remain on while going through the security screening checkpoint鈥? They don鈥檛 mention anything about weight. So you can definitely keep your ring on when going through the scanner. Don鈥檛 make the mistake of removing your ring and placing it in the screening tray.

  • Do you have to remove piercings at airport security?

  • Do You Have to Remove Piercings at Airport Security? In general, you should not remove body piercings when going through airport security. However, larger body piercings may cause the alarm to go off, so you might be asked by an agent for an additional pat-down.

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