can you insure jewelry for loss

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Jewelry insurance covers you against lossesif your jewelry is lost, stolen or damaged. If you only have a few heirlooms, such as a wedding ring or engagement ring, you may be able to schedule your jewelry on your existing home insurance policy. If you have more than one piece of jewelry, you may need to purchase a separate policy for each piece.

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  • Does jewelry insurance cover lost jewelry?

  • Luckily, if you have jewelry insurance (and hopefully car insurance, too), your insurance will cover the losses. It鈥檚 also important to make sure your coverage is worldwide, so if you travel outside of the country and lose your jewelry, it can still be replaced.

  • How do I insure my jewelry?

  • To properly cover your jewelry against loss, theft or damage you need to insure it individually within your household policy. This is called scheduling your jewelry or adding a rider to your policy.

  • Is cash payout the best option for jewelry insurance?

  • In the case of jewelry insurance, a cash payout isn’t always your best option. Read on for a comparison of how jewelry insurance works for a replacement policy versus a traditional reimbursement. Let’s start with explaining the traditional insurance model. This structure is typical for jewelry coverage under most homeowners’ insurance policies.

  • Can I buy jewelry insurance without homeowners or renters insurance?

  • If you don鈥檛 have homeowners or renter鈥檚 insurance, you may be able to purchase stand-alone coverage from a provider that specializes in insuring jewelry. Some jewelers offer such policies or can recommend a company that does.

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