can you bring jewelry in your carry on

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  • Is jewellery allowed in hand luggage?

  • Yes, jewellery is allowed in hand luggage. It is even recommended to put jewellery in hand luggage rather than in checked luggage, as it is generally safer to bring valuables in your carry-on bag rather than in checked baggage. Checked baggage sometimes gets lost along the way or arrives with a delay.

  • Can you wear jewelry through airport security?

  • Travelers can wear real gold or silver jewelry through airport security. You don鈥檛 need to take it off. Cheaper 鈥渃ostume鈥?jewelry might trigger the alarm if it contains magnetic metals. Never pack your valuables in checked baggage.

  • Can I bring jewellery on a Ryanair flight?

  • At Ryanair, it is also best to carry the jewellery in your hand luggage. Attention: For a short time now, Ryanair has only allowed you to bring one personal item (handbag or laptop bag) on board at the standard rate. So you would either need to wear your jewellery or put it in this personal item.

  • What should you never pack in your checked baggage?

  • Never pack your valuables in checked baggage. Pack any jewelry you are not wearing in a travel jewelry case and be ready to remove it from your carry-on if you are forced to check your bag at the boarding gate due to a lack of overhead bin space. Don鈥檛 assume that since you are in a plane there are no thieves.

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