can you be cremated with jewelry

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  • What happens to jewelry when someone is cremated?

  • Jewelry and medical devices are removed in order to prevent any reactions during the cremation process. Screws, joints, and pins are allowed to remain. The body is then put in a special cremation casket or cardboard box for the cremation process.

  • Is clothes necessary during cremation?

  • Clothing is optional during cremation. It is not necessary but most families choose to dress their loved ones properly before cremation. Some people choose to complete the cremation without clothes to guarantee that the body will be cremated properly without any issue.

  • Can metal items be cremated?

  • The Cremation Association of North America website confirms that metal items cannot be cremated, whether those items are part of the casket or put inside with the decedent. The site also confirmed that legal requirements from state to state 鈥?and even from one jurisdiction or locality to another 鈥?can vary.

  • Can the deceased be buried with jewelry?

  • If the deceased is to be cremated, no metals will be permitted on the body during the process. In cases of traditional burial, however, the option to have the deceased buried with jewelry exists.

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