can police officers wear jewelry

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Female cops can wear stud earrings while male cops are not permitted to wear any earring(except for special duty). Concerning to policy guiding jewelry, male officers can wear a necklace, but it must be visible to the public whenever they are in uniform. Appearance should be neat, tidy, and sharp.

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  • Can correctional officers wear jewelry on duty?

  • If you choose to wear your personal jewelry on duty as a correctional officer, keep in mind that generally if it is lost, stolen, or damaged that your department will not responsible. The common types of jewelry such as watches, wedding bands, and medical bracelets are allowed.

  • What are the new rules for wearing jewelry in public?

  • The new standards replace rules that go back to the former city police department, which was disbanded in mid-2013. The previous rules, for instance, did not allow any jewelry above the shoulders. The changes will allow stud earrings, but not those that hang or dangle.

  • Can female police officers wear nail polish?

  • In addition, male and female officers for the first time can wear earrings. Female officers can also choose from more shades of nail polish and can have nails that slightly extend beyond their fingertips, the statement said.

  • Can Albany police officers wear hoop earrings?

  • While it’s not a dramatic change to the personal appearance policies at the Albany Police Department, Chief Ed Boyd has agreed to allow female officers to wear hoop earrings no larger than -inch in diameter.

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