can kendra scott jewelry get wet

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  • Are Kendra Scott necklaces waterproof?

  • Answer: Kendra Scott necklaces are not waterproof at all. Any jewelry piece that is plated and has a mixing of alloys like silver and copper, can鈥檛 be open to the water. If we have to wear Kendra Scott underwater once or twice, it will not get tarnished.

  • Does Kendra Scott鈥檚 14k gold tarnish?

  • Although Kendra Scott promises all kinds of guarantees for its jewelry, yet its 14k gold and silver are getting complaints. The layered or plated jewelry gets either tarnished or turns the area green. We still have not gotten any de3finite news that its 14k gold or gold vermeil didn鈥檛 receive any discoloring.

  • What is Kendra Scott’s return policy for fine jewelry?

  • All returns of fine jewelry must be securely packaged (preferably in the original jewelry box) and must include a completed repair form filled out by a sales associate or customer service representative. Please contact Customer Service to request a repair form or visit your closest Kendra Scott store.

  • Are there any problems with Kendra Scott earrings?

  • On their Better Business Bureau page, some buyers reported issues with their delivery service and customer service team. 鈥淚 am extremely upset that one of the stud earrings broke. I reached out to customer service and was dissatisfied with the lack of (help) from the Kendra Scott representative,鈥?one customer wrote on BBB.

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