can kendra scott jewelry get wet

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  • Is Kendra Scott a good jewelry brand?

  • Kendra Scott is an amazing and beautiful jewelry brand that everyone will love to wear. All its designs are classic and modern as well which fulfills the demands of everyone especially women of all ages. All the jewelry items are made with fine metals like gold, silver, sterling silver, and rhodium.

  • What is Kendra Scott鈥檚 necklace made of?

  • Kendra Scott鈥檚 necklace is usually made with 14k gold, gold vermeil, or sterling silver. They are fine pieces of jewelry. Everyone likes to wear Kendra Scott because of its latest, stylish, and innovative necklace with elegant gemstones or stones.

  • Does Kendra Scott鈥檚 14k gold tarnish?

  • Although Kendra Scott promises all kinds of guarantees for its jewelry, yet its 14k gold and silver are getting complaints. The layered or plated jewelry gets either tarnished or turns the area green. We still have not gotten any de3finite news that its 14k gold or gold vermeil didn鈥檛 receive any discoloring.

  • Can you shower with a Kendra Scott necklace?

  • Answer: No, We do not recommend showering wearing a Kendra Scott necklace. It will be a risk to make your necklace face the water. If you are taking shower or swimming in a pool, the chemicals like ammonia and chlorine will destroy the original color of your necklace.

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