can i wear jewelry in passport photo

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  • Can you have piercings on your passport photo?

  • The regulations state that body piercings, such as lip rings, eyebrow piercings, nose studs, and small rings, should not be the sole reason for a passport photograph being denied. As a result, you are free to keep the piercings in as long as they do not violate any additional rules. When aren鈥檛 piercings allowed when getting a passport photo?

  • Can you wear sunglasses in a passport photo?

  • It is a long-established rule that your eyes must be detectable in a biometric photo; therefore, sunglasses and regular glasses with tinted lenses have never been allowed in U.S. passport photos.

  • Can you wear a hat on your passport photo?

  • Certain hats are exempt from the rule of having to be removed from one鈥檚 head when taking a passport photo due to various religious and medical reasons. For example, Sikhs can wear their turban for their passport photos because their turban is essentially their identity.

  • Can you take a passport photo at home?

  • Although you can easily take a passport photo at home, thanks to technology, there is a particular dress code for you to follow to make sure your passport is approved. Does It Matter What You Wear In A Passport Photo? Does It Matter What You Wear In A Passport Photo?

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