can i ship jewelry via dhl

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There are items that cannot be sent on the DHLnetwork. Some are obvious such as animals,illegal substances,guns and explosives. But there are also less obvious items that we can鈥檛 transport such as jewellery with a value in excess of 4,000,perfume and cash. Please check our full prohibited items list.

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  • Can I ship gold with DHL?

  • For those selling and or shipping gold bullion in large size, we can also possible provide you with convenient professional gold shipping options as well. First let us show you what DHL expressly prohibits from its US origin shipments so you fully understand that trying to ship gold on your own is risky and not allowed by DHL.

  • Are there any prohibited items for international shipping with DHL?

  • As every country has their own import laws and agreements with other countries, certain items may be prohibited for international shipping with DHL. DHL鈥檚 Global Import Guidelines are a great tool to help you discover specific prohibited items you may encounter when shipping cross-border.

  • What is the best way to ship jewelry?

  • After the jewelry is already packaged in a jewelry box and wrapped in tissue or foam, place it in a larger mailing or shipping box. Make sure to layer the interiors of the larger shipping box with bubble wrap, newspaper, packaging peanuts, styrofoam or other packaging material.

  • Can I ship my eCommerce Inventory with DHL?

  • Hopefully your eCommerce inventory are DHL allowed items! But if they happen to be on the restricted list, you must make sure you have pre-approval with DHL, and that all conditions and circumstances for carriage are met before you start shipping cross-border.

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