can brass jewelry get wet

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  • What happens when you put brass jewelry in water?

  • Also, brass jewelry may dezincify in water, a process where the zinc molecules slowly dissolve when it sits in water for too long. With time, the brass becomes very weak and loses form .

  • How to clean tarnished brass jewelry?

  • If the brass jewelry item is heavily tarnished, you can let it soak in vinegar for ~30-60 minutes. Then, scrub with toothbrush. Once clean, rinse with water and let it dry. This method is a little more abrasive and the color of the brass won鈥檛 be as 鈥渨arm鈥?looking until the patina rebuilds.

  • Is brass safe for jewelry?

  • Thankfully, pure brass is one of the most jewelry-safe metals. It only contains zinc and copper, both of which are needed by the body in the right dose to stay healthy.

  • Can you clean brass with water?

  • It’s going to do all kinds of crazy things when you expose it to water but you can clean it! The great thing about brass is that it can always be cleaned. Sunshine brand polishing cloths are the best for cleaning brass.

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